Run and Done!

We just finished our first San Antonio Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon today!  It was a wonderful experience.  I will have a full synopsis available by Tuesday.

My Finish Time:  1:58:51, which was a pace of 9:04 a mile. 

Rachel’s Time: 1:59:13, which was a pace of 9:06 a mile!

10 thoughts on “Run and Done!

    1. We definitely caught the bug. The second we were done I was like…”I want to run another one!” We’ve only just begun!! Hello Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth and Rock n Roll Marathon in Dallas!!

      1. I did the Cowtown Half last year. LOVED it. It was pretty hilly, but a nice challenge. I have heard nothing but great things about the RnR in Dallas. A friend who did both said the RnR was an easier course. Good luck, cant wait to read about it!

      2. I heard the Cowtown was hilly too…but I think they have changed the course for this year…not sure though. I did love how the RnR in San Antonio was so well organized, that’s mainly why we want to do that one. In san antonio someone said the cowtown was awesome. It’s hard to choose so we will just do both 🙂 You should do the Cowtown again too!! 🙂

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