Cowtown Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!

Rachel and I have officially signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon in Fort Worth, TX!  We are excited to get back into training mode, because we feel much more confident about it this time around.  We have kept up with our running since finishing the San Antonio Rock n Roll ½ Marathon, but weContinue reading “Cowtown Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!”

Holiday Dessert and A Naked Cook

I always prefer to cook in the nude. Ha…I am so kidding…or am I? LOL…I bet it got you to read this though! And yes…I have shorts on 🙂 I think…No really…I do!! I love bad food like a guy that loves bad food.  It’s that simple.  There are no smoke and mirrors when itContinue reading “Holiday Dessert and A Naked Cook”

The Return To Normalcy

Training for any half marathon can be a blood sucking vampire in terms of time and energy.  It requires a large amount of dedication and discipline, both of which aid in preparing your mind and body for long distance running.  You become used to your training regiment to a point that it becomes a necessityContinue reading “The Return To Normalcy”

Running With The Seasons

The journey of a runner often begins with a goal and slowly manifests itself into a lifestyle.  It grabs a hold of you in a way that circumvents explanation and forces you into a partnership with your surroundings.  It allows you take notice of the seasons, but most of all, it allows you to experienceContinue reading “Running With The Seasons”

Running On Empty Documentary Premiere

I finally finished my documentary about running our first 1/2 marathon.  Please sit back and enjoy.  I hope it serves as inspiration to anyone who is thinking about doing something they believe is impossible.