Starting Over


It has been a while.  It has been a long while.  Well, it’s a new year and a new start.  Time to hit the refresh button.  Throw out all excuses, because I don’t want to hear them.  Do not tell me you don’t have time to carry on a healthy lifestyle.  Do not tell me you are too tired.  It’s all crap.  I know, because I am talking to myself.  It’s time to reload, recharge and re-energize.

My wife and I have tried to carry on a healthy lifestyle for the better part of 10 years.  We were once avid runners who conquered goals and overcame obstacles.  Then, kids happened and somehow time became scarce.  Instead of running for 5 miles on a Saturday morning, we were chasing our son around the house.  He is now a little older and suddenly we have swim practice, baseball practice, and birthday parties.  Thus, it has become difficult to find time to work out.  Throw in another son and, well, time almost becomes non-existent.  One goes down for a nap and the other wakes up.  You are playing a constant game of whack a mole.  Meanwhile, your waistline is growing and the healthy lifestyle you once held so dear suddenly vanishes into thin air.

I am not going to lie, it’s difficult to find time to work out.  You are in this sort of retrograde motion.  Mentally your body wants to move in a healthy manner, but physically, well, that’s another story.  What I have found is that in order to move you must want to do it.  That desire, no matter how minimal, needs to be present.  Without desire the chances of embarking on the wonderful journey that is health dissipates drastically.  Luckily, Rachel and I have that desire and we figured it’s 2020 and time to get back to our old selves.

Getting back to the way we were also requires determination, which we definitely have.  The hard part is the follow through.  We must begin with small goals.  We have maintained a somewhat healthy diet the last few years.  Diet is one of the easiest things to control and it’s how we have maintained our weight.  However, we are still not where we would like to be.  That means we need to amp up our workout routines.  How do we do that with no time?  We must make the time.  We figure waking up at 5:20 is our best bet, which we have done sporadically over the years.  We must get to bed at a decent time to ensure we get adequate sleep, which can help make waking up early a consistent part of our routine.  We also plan to get a gym membership close to work and workout at least twice a week during lunch.  Getting home and working out is just not in the cards.  We want to spend time with our boys and that time is non-negotiable.  Kids grow fast and we are determined to make the most of our time with them.  Thus, trips to the park must not be as bystanders.  We must be active participants.  If they are moving, we need to be moving.  I know, it sounds exhausting and at times it is.  Kids have an unmatched energy that tends to be lost on adults.  Sometimes it’s okay to attempt to match that energy.  It will keep us young…right?

We are better and happier people when we are working towards goals.  They should be the fundamental part of everyone’s life.  Without goals what do you have to work towards?  They give us a reason to awake in the morning.  Honestly, it has been a while since we have really set attainable goals for ourselves.  It’s time to enter races again.  I want my sons to grow up seeing their parents cross finish lines.  I want them seeing their parents set and accomplish goals.  I want them to see the both of us be the best versions of ourselves both mentally and physically.  No more excuses.  The time is now.

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