Running Necessities

Water Belt:  This is very imporant, especially on long runs and hot summer days.  It’s important to stay hydrated at all times.  I got this particular belt at Academy and it’s great!  You will see different belts priced up to $50 at various places, but for $12 on sale this belt has everything you need.  Don’t worry…You will get used to running with a water belt and learn to love it.


Compression Shorts:  Oh how I love my compression shorts.  These are a necessity for many reasons.  For one, you should not be running in cotton underwear.  I had to find this out the hard way.  Not only does it make you sweat more…it will make you chafe more.  I was hesitant to spend the money for this underwear, but now I am mad I did not buy them sooner.  They are moisture wicking, which is a huge help and overall they will just make you feel faster.



Body Glide:  This is indeed a must.  It is the ultimate in anti-chafing.  It is everything it says it is…not messy and not greasy.  You can use it anywhere from your arms, feet, legs and even your buttocks.  It really does help because when you run for long distances the chances of chafing are extremely high.  We thought about buying it for a while but I really didn’t think it would work…ha…uh…not true…It really does work. 


Great Shoes:  Make sure that when you buy running shoes they are the kind of shoes you will need for your type of foot.  Go to a real running store and have an associate help you.  Good running shoes can make a world of a difference.  Currently I am running in Asics Gel Nimbus 12 because I am an under-pronator so I need maximum cushion. 



Dri-Fit Cap:  We learned early on that a cap can do wonders when running.  My girlfriend tried to convince me that running with a cap helped her sweat less and allowed for more comfortable running.  I refused to believe her until I tried it.  When you are running toward the sun it’s a must because you won’t feel the heat against your face…so it won’t feel like it’s melting.  Also, the cap will grab all the sweat that would love to run down your face and into your mouth.  I recommend any Dri-Fit Cap.  Currently we are running with Nike Dri-fit caps.  They are really easy to clean…yes you will need to clean them


Good Socks:  I recently found out you shouldn’t even be running in cotton socks!  My gosh I am learning so much.  They will make your feet sweat and cause you to blister.  Make sure you buy good running socks…they will cost more but they are well worth it.



A Positive Attitude:  This is of utmost importance.  Never, and I mean never, say “I can’t.”  If you do then you are just setting yourself up for failure.  Go out there and believe you are a runner and run like one.  Always know that there are a lot of people who would love to do what you are doing…so enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “Running Necessities

  1. Excellent write up on all the essentials..I am a runner in denial. Was walking/jogging/running 5 miles everyday (which maybe nothing for you) uptill March this year, but then stopped because of a personal tragedy. And somehow I haven’t been able to get back to it even though I think about it everyday. Will go out today for 30 minutes..just checked out that link of yours about running for beginners..
    Running may just end up making me run for my life 😉 lol
    Thanks for sharing your expertise here.

    1. I can understand stopping because of a personal tragedy…We all have to stop running sometimes. The important thing is that you start again. It doesn’t matter how far you run or how much you run…all that matters is that you run. I am not an expert by any means…I just love to run… 🙂

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