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We can’t all be runners.  That’s not true!  You need to remove thoughts like that from your mind if you ever hope to be a runner.  There is no magic formula that will make you a runner.  It is simply a belief in yourself and your abilities.  You have to want to do it.  You have to have the desire to do it.

My blog is focused on removing “I can’t” from everyday life and replacing it with “I can.”  I welcome you to take part in my journey, especially if you are looking for motivation, inspiration, and hope.  I may not be the best, fastest or strongest runner, but I guarantee you I am a runner.  Sometimes I may not always finish, but I always run my hardest.  I will leave you with my tagline…Always start to finish.  Never finish with regret.

This Is Why We Run

I made this documentary to show me and Rachel’s journey as we prepared to run our first 1/2 marathon.  We once believed running a 1/2 marathon was impossible and then one day we decided to train for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in San Antonio, TX.  This documentary portrays the highs and lows of training.  It is to serve as inspiration and motivation to anyone that hopes to do something that they think is impossible.

Always start to finish.  Never finish with regret.

42 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is awesome and you and your gf will do great!!! Are you running the SA Rock N Roll? I’m doing the half and my boyfriend will be there cheering me on. So exciting when your running buddy is your spouse! 🙂

    1. We are running the SA Rock N Roll…or at least plan to now 😦 Not sure if my ankle will hold up. If you asked last week I would have said hell yes!! I know i have to listen to my body but I don’t want to!!!! I am hoping we see you there!!!

  2. I like your blog. Can you add a link to get back to that first main page from here or your other posts? I liked the layout where it has a brief intro to each post but I can’t get back there easily.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. I will look into doing that…thanks for letting me know. You can actually get back to the main page by clicking on “Running On Empty” I just noticed that!

  3. I also find running on treadmill so much easier for a number of reasons, but the pleasure of running and walking outdoors is much more therapeutic than what you get on treadmill. I am thinking about getting a treadmill as this will allow me to get much needed exercise at my own place when I am around my kid.
    Please, write a post on how to make the most of a treadmill running.
    Good luck with everything..
    Cheers 🙂

    1. You know…I think I will write about treadmill running. I will likely write it for Wed…thanks for giving me an idea!! Just ran on a treadmill today…it’s never fun…never!!

      1. Thank you 🙂 look forward to seeing your post about treadmill running 🙂 I know its not fun but please, convey all the positives as in what if treadmill is the only alternative available to someone..
        PS: you are doing a great job

  4. Love love love this blog! Thanks for posting. I actually became a runner in April and did my first 5K race in June. In 1994 I was in a car accident and told I would never walk again. In October 2008 I weighed 330 lbs. Today I have lost 145 lbs. and love to run!

    Anyway.. great blog – so impressed!

    1. Thank you Sundi!! Congrats on losing 145 lbs…that is so awesome!!! It is not easy to do, but you did it. It’s stories like yours that keep me running. It all starts with that 5k…wasn’t it a great feeling to finish? I know that feeling is what kept me going. I don’t think people tell other people this enough and I want to tell you, “I AM PROUD OF YOU!”

  5. Very cool! I’ve run 4 half-marathons and enjoyed them all. Running is such an amazing and accomplished feeling. Now I’m really into biking in San Francisco. I biked to Sausalito for my first time a couple months ago across the bridge and it was an amazing feeling as the clouds passed through the bridge!

  6. I asked my dad a while back how he would like to die. Usually when you ask people that you never get a serious answer, but my dad said quite frankly that he would like to have a heart attack whilst running along a big open road. I can’t think of much that I feel that passionate about but theres definitely something very noble and worthy about running

  7. determination…hard to come by these days.

    i love your picture, it’s what enticed me to look into your blog 🙂

  8. hey! happen to drop by your blog. And I am touched by the inspiration and motivation you have, it’s worth learning from.
    All the best with training. If we put our mind and heart to what we do we will succeed, keep up the good work ^_^

  9. My 8 year old wants to run with me, and as it was actively snowing yesterday, I put him on a treadmill next to me with an ipod and the first week of the Couch to 5K podcast. He did great, and he wants to start running with me. Any chance you’ve run into any information no kids running shoes?

    1. First of all, I think it’s great that your 8 year old wants to run. He could totally run that 5k with you…what an experience that would be. I am determined to have my children run when I have kids. As far as kids running shoes…I would suggest taking him to a specialty running store where they actually know what they are talking about. Many of the adult running shoes that are available can be found for children too. I know that buying a nice pair of running shoes for him will definitely make him feel like a runner, which is a great thing. But, yes, definitely a store that specializes in running and they will help find the best shoe for him. Sometimes the specialty stores can be a little more expensive so I suggest finding a shoe for him and buying it somewhere else that it may be less expensive. I have seen many kids running 5k’s so I do think it’s a great thing that he wants to run. He may find he really does love it.

  10. Just checked out your blog…good stuff. I am a new runner myself, also in DFW, so I guess it’s a small (blogging) world. I have never been a runner, or athletic for that matter. And here I am commenting on a running blog:)

    I started running seven months ago and just completed my fourth 5K. Tomorrow morning I start my training with a local running group for a half. Me! A half! Never would have thunk it. I have to say I never knew there was such a large running community here and it had been a wonderful discovery. The more I learn about all aspects of running the more hooked I get.

    Thanks for sharing your stories and offering inspiration. Best of luck to you in all your training and achieving your goals!

  11. Wonderful blog. Keep it up.

    Loved this comment: “There is no magic formula that will make you a runner. It is simply a belief in yourself and your abilities. ” I can relate. I’m built like a tank, not a Kenyan. But I figure as long as I keep my stumpy little legs moving I’ll keep churning up the miles as fast as I can.

  12. Great Blog! ”Was that Dori or Nemo’s Dad”?

    I also have a running blog and raise money for charity. Keep up the good work and train hard!

  13. Congratulations for a great blog! I usually check out blogs about travel and adventure but when I came across of your blog, i had the interest to read it… that’s because i love running too! (though im a beginner). i just recently joined a run for a cause here in Manila, Philippines (i ran for 3km) and I really had a great time 🙂 after joining that run, it makes me crave to run more! A friend of mine invited me to join another run for a cause this coming Aug, and I plan to run for 5km this time.. that’s because I believe I can do it 🙂

    Keep on running, blogging, and inspiring! Hope you’ll inspire a lot of people especially the youth. You guys have a long way to go! Good luck for the upcoming marathon and your future runs!

    Manila, Philippines

  14. You are two of the most wonderful and inspiring people I have had the pleasure to come across. I love your blog. Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂 If their is anything that I can do to help please let me know. Laura

  15. So glad I found this blog! It was just what I needed, when I needed it. Looking forward to reading everything and I just started following you both on Twitter! Keep Running! Jody

  16. I need your advise , i just daiganose with Runner Knee problem, my doc said no running or jogging for 3 weeks, please advise can i do normal walking @ 5KM/Hr.

    1. Sorry for the very late response. I would always listen to the Docs advice. If he/she feels it is okay then I would do it. If they say walking is fine but don’t go overboard than I would do that. I would think light walking would have been okay, but not power walking or anything that could irritate the knee.

  17. Hi me too I love it! I am 55 years old my name is Cynthia Reese. My son is a runner an he got me on a tired mile here at home walking fast past an I got so excited an loving it! I am now going to run my first 5k in Amory mississippi April 12. My husband said to me , you will never make it on asfolt. I said why don’t we go to a track an see what I can do. An Yes! I did it! I walk fast past 3Miles in 45 min. I no that’s not as good as some but it’s a great start for me. I got so motivated an got others going to do 5k with me an I am no jogging too. I told my husband I wanted to see how many times I can jog around the track. I’m walking 30laps I started jogging got to 8 laps an then went back to walking. After he ask why did you stop jogging? I hurt my knee yes runners knee. It’s better but I don’t want this to st me I want to walk my 5k here in my home town April 12 2014. If anyone can help me please do. Thank you for all your motivation an keep it up.

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