We Must Adapt

Turns out having a baby makes it a lot harder to work out.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, everything you thought you knew completely changes and you are forced to scramble.  Then, it becomes a ridiculous case of confusion and mass hysteria before it all calms down and you figure it out again.  You get used to this vicious cycle because, well, there’s nothing else you can do.  You have to adapt.  It’s the same thing with working out and doing your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle even while you are entering the fray on a daily basis.

My son is a toddler now, which has been a total game changer.  He has an opinion, which oftentimes we don’t agree with.  He has an unbelievable amount of energy with a motor that never quits.  He is an early riser…We are not.  He wakes up as if he ate pure sugar all night.  His first words are usually, “I want breakfast” and “Where are we going?”  When I woke up as a kid I would sit like a zombie as I ate my cereal, as well as on the drive to school.  With my son, that is not the case.  Thus, we had to take extreme measures.  We decided, after a lot of soul searching, to wake up early every other morning and workout.  Yes, I mean earlier than he gets us up.  If you are wondering, that means we have to wake up at 5:20.  This was not an easy transition to make.  I won’t lie, it was a total mind f_ _k in the beginning.  I thought we would never get used to it.  We never thought we would adapt.  Well, okay, we didn’t really adapt.  I’m not sure we can.  We just kind of dove headfirst and didn’t look back.  It was either get up or don’t workout.  Some days are definitely harder than others.  Some days we don’t even bother to get up and just turn over in the bed only to suddenly awake to a child screaming “I have to go pee” five minutes after we decided to enjoy another hour of sleep.  So goes the life of parents.  We go as our son goes.  We are just sort of spectators in his world.  We just have to make sure we are doing our best to stay on track with eating as healthy as possible and working out when the time allows.

In life, as I have said many times before, we have to adapt constantly.  That is especially the case with kids.  Apparently babies get bigger and require even more work.  For now, I guess, we have figured out a way to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle.  The only problem is, our world is about to change yet again.  We are expecting baby number two.  I guess that means everything we thought we knew is no longer relevant.  Adapt.  We must adapt.  I will just keep telling myself that.

One thought on “We Must Adapt

  1. The only problem is, our world is about to change yet again.
    And the only solution as you said is Adapt.

    Bravo for the early morning routine (I know it wasn’t really your choice, but the only option), but that would help you big time in the long run 😀

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