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Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

The Cowtown Half Marathon

San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

3 thoughts on “Previous Races

  1. hi to both of you! watching your training and first marathon really gave me so much courage. as of now, im experiencing pain in my ankle so i stopped my training (your training schedule) and give myself a week to rest well, that pain does not came from running it was caused by playing badminton. and really so inspiring. hope i can make it also. 4 weeks to go before my first 21k run. like what i saw to your video, im afraid of my knees and ankles also, the first 16km run my knee got really in pain but after 2 days it was all gone. can you give me some advice regarding on my knees especially… thank you! and keep up the good work. and will tell you what will happen to my first 21k run…

    1. It’s great that you are resting your ankle. That’s important. The best advice I can give you on your knees is to make sure you stretch before every run and ice following every run. It’s good that your knee pain did not last longer than 2 days. In the future during your training if you feel it start to hurt than I would stop running for that day. You want to make sure that your are not in pain for your 21K. Take it easy on your runs. Don’t push for speed. Run at a moderate pace so that you don’t put too much pressure on your knees. I would stay away from hills if at all possible during your runs. Try to run on flat surfaces that maybe have a little bit of give, similar to a track. Continue to be conscious of your knees and don’t push too much. Don’t worry…you will do great on your 21k. Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

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