I’m Scared To Run

You would think after running a few 5K’s and three half marathons that running a race would no longer make me nervous.  However, every race I have ever run has always and will always be preceded by nerves.  It is not something I am embarrassed about, nor does it speak of my abilities to runContinue reading “I’m Scared To Run”

We Signed Up For A Full Marathon?

I don’ think it’s really hit me that Rachel and I have signed up for our first full marathon.  After running three half marathons we should definitely feel ready, but then I wonder if you ever actually feel “ready.”  I don’t think you ever really know how prepared you are until you cross the finishContinue reading “We Signed Up For A Full Marathon?”

Results of Study: Running Is Bad For You

Results of a study comparing the benefits and risks of running were recently released.  In it researchers found that the repeated pressure on the joints, as well as the monotonous nature of the sport can lead to lifelong pain and an overall decrease in life expectancy.  By studying runners and non-runners over a 20 yearContinue reading “Results of Study: Running Is Bad For You”

Runner’s Knee: How to deal with it and recover quickly

If you are experiencing a pain beneath your knee cap after a run then there is a high probability you have runner’s knee.  I will give you a few seconds to come to terms with that.  I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine.  Unfortunately, I am about to say something that will surely makeContinue reading “Runner’s Knee: How to deal with it and recover quickly”