When I Don’t Know…I Run

Life can be confusing.  At times it seems like we’re always searching for answers or that things aren’t always working out as we planned.  It’s in these times that I often feel like I really just don’t know, so I run.  Running has become my release; an answer to a question – an idea sprungContinue reading “When I Don’t Know…I Run”

A Long Way To Go

Training for a full marathon has been much tougher than we ever imagined.  After suffering an injury early on in training, which subsequently led to a three week layoff, it has been difficult to work our way back up in mileage.  After our 10 mile run last Sunday it was very apparent that we stillContinue reading “A Long Way To Go”

Running For Life

If people are wondering why Rachel and I decided to train for a marathon I have attached a local news story that was done on us by CBS 11 News in Dallas, TX.  It ran last Saturday during the evening news as well as twice during the MDA Telethon last Sunday.  For those of youContinue reading “Running For Life”

Start to Finish

Getting back to the marathon training schedule has been a difficult process.  After recovering from my Achilles injury I have had to work my way up in mileage.  Making up for the lost time has proven to be the hardest part.  Unfortunately, time does not stop when you’re healing. At this point in my trainingContinue reading “Start to Finish”