A New Running Injury: Steps to Recovery

Nursing a running injury is never fun.  Actually, I believe that’s putting it lightly.  It’s a time when all of my goals are put on the shelf and the possibility of attaining them suddenly seems unlikely.  Doubt begins to run rampant and returning to full strength starts to feel impossible.  I know that only restContinue reading “A New Running Injury: Steps to Recovery”

Running and “Jersey Shore”…A Love/Hate Thing

You never really realize how much you love running until you can longer do it.  You take it for granted that you have the ability to run whenever you want and that it’s a choice that you have every single day.  When you are sidelined by an injury or, in my case, illness (cold) itContinue reading “Running and “Jersey Shore”…A Love/Hate Thing”

Can Running Cure A Cold?

Getting sick is not only an aggravation, but also an unplanned detour while training for anything.  Adhering to a training schedule is already difficult to begin with, but when sickness invades it’s easy to imagine your goal (running a full marathon) slipping away.  When I woke up yesterday with a sore throat I refused toContinue reading “Can Running Cure A Cold?”

The Runner’s Hello

Long distance running, especially in training, is not always easy.  In fact, sometimes it’s just downright grueling and overwhelmingly difficult.  However, somehow we get through it.  Sometimes we make it because the weather is perfect or our energy level is at just the right setting.  But, other times (a lot of times) we make itContinue reading “The Runner’s Hello”

Running With The Injury Bug

When I began training for my first half marathon I never really worried about succumbing to injury.  I thought that if I just gradually increased my mileage and stuck to my training schedule I would go injury-free throughout the training process.  Unfortunately, about a month away from my half marathon I began to suffer fromContinue reading “Running With The Injury Bug”

Runners…What’s Up With That?

I have compiled a list of things that concern me about running and runners in general.  I guess you can say it’s me thinking aloud.  I welcome you to the first installment of Runners…What’s Up With That? You just hit me with your water cup when you threw it back and now I have waterContinue reading “Runners…What’s Up With That?”