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Marathon Training: Have Fun With It!

October 31, 2011


We are officially in the tapering phase of our training for the full marathon.  Looking back, our long runs have definitely been interesting and full of both humor and adventure.  I always say that you have to do your best to make every run interesting and find a way to have fun with it.  Thus, […]

A Long Training Run

October 28, 2011


Planning a wedding and training for a full marathon has proven to be an adventure.  Last Sunday, between picking out tuxes and mailing out invitations, we found a way to throw in a 21 mile run.  Throw in is putting it very lightly.  We had to find a way to devote 3 hours and 15 […]

Running in the Rain: “Make it work.”

October 10, 2011


Yesterday we had to run 15.5 miles in the rain.  In the rain!  I am not talking about a soft sprinkle (mmm, on ice cream).  I am talking about a downpour, like chocolate syrup dumped on a sundae (Ok, why am I always thinking about dessert or food?).  It was the mother of all rains […]

Marathon Training: Hard As Diamond

October 6, 2011


Training for a marathon is hard!  I mean like really hard!  It sounds great to talk about doing it and you get all pumped up and you’re suddenly ready to conquer the world.  But, then you actually start doing it and suddenly you’re questioning what the hell you were thinking.  Let’s just say, training for […]

Will You Marry Me?

October 3, 2011


I am lucky that I have never been alone in my running endeavors.  From start to finish Rachel has always been by my side.  I cannot imagine running without her, because she is the reason that I believe that anything is possible and that I can run forever.  Through our journey with running and in […]