Fearing Our First Full Marathon

We finished our last long run on Sunday and I can’t say that we feel any more confident about running our first full marathon than the day we signed up.  I know that we will never really feel ready, but we at least want to feel some sense of confidence, even if it’s miniscule.  There’sContinue reading “Fearing Our First Full Marathon”

Marathon Training Is Hard!!

Our training for our first full marathon has not been easy thus far. The heat is beating us down like the marathon running newbies that we are. We ran about 7 miles yesterday and that seems so miniscule compared to the amount of miles we will be running in the next few weeks. It’s likeContinue reading “Marathon Training Is Hard!!”

Preparing To Train For Our First Full Marathon

A while back Rachel and I came to the realization that life is short and it’s important to make the most of what it has to offer.  We stopped thinking in terms of limits and broadened our expectations on what exactly we wanted out of life.  We then, slowly, but surely, began the process ofContinue reading “Preparing To Train For Our First Full Marathon”

We Signed Up For A Full Marathon?

I don’ think it’s really hit me that Rachel and I have signed up for our first full marathon.  After running three half marathons we should definitely feel ready, but then I wonder if you ever actually feel “ready.”  I don’t think you ever really know how prepared you are until you cross the finishContinue reading “We Signed Up For A Full Marathon?”

San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Bound

We finished our packing for our trip to San Antonio last night, which is always an experience in itself.  I am notorious for being an over-packer.  For me it’s about packing for any situation that can arise and, when you live in Texas, any possible change in weather.  Luckily, Rachel is a bit of anContinue reading “San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Bound”

The Last Run

I have posted a video of the actual course we will be running.  We received the video by email and it actually gave me goose bumps.  I will admit that it seemed much longer than I imagined.  Okay it seemed ridiculously long, but still exciting.  I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX soContinue reading “The Last Run”

Fearing The Unknown

Today is the moment of truth for me.  It will decide whether I continue on my journey of running my first half marathon or if it will be derailed indefinitely.  The tendonitis in my right ankle has definitely relinquished its stronghold and I actually feel as though I can run, although I have not attemptedContinue reading “Fearing The Unknown”

How To Be A Real Runner

At what point can you consider yourself a real runner?  That is a question I have been pondering as of late.   Is it the moment they drape the medal around your neck after you have finished your first long distance run?  Is it the moment you run your first mile?  Is it the moment youContinue reading “How To Be A Real Runner”

This Ice Is Not So Nice

I have succumbed to the pain.  As hard as it is, and it’s hard, I have enjoyed the rest from running.  Unfortunately, it has not led to a rapid change in the pain or even a slight move in the pain-free direction.  The reality, it seems, is that I likely ran on concrete way tooContinue reading “This Ice Is Not So Nice”