We’re All Breakable

Have you, at some point in your life, felt as though things were not going exactly as planned?  Have you ever experienced a time when your world was shattered into a million unidentifiable pieces?  Have you ever dropped to your knees in prayer and begged for direction, strength and motivation, but felt as though your words fell on deaf ears?  I guess what I am really asking is, have you ever been broken?

That fact of the matter is that we’re all breakable.   At some point in our lives, and likely more than once, we break.  We succumb to forces outside of our control and we fracture, becoming a mere shadow of ourselves.  In those times we struggle to keep our heads up, because sometimes doing so seems too difficult.  The fight in us dwindles and we become frail.  We then have a choice to make, we can either continue to dwell on our misfortunes, or we can rebuild ourselves into something stronger.

Too many times we carry the belief that we are unbreakable.  We don’t see the cracks in our own foundation that make us unstable.  We aren’t always aware of our vulnerabilities and we proceed through life with a false sense of security.  But, when our foundation indeed breaks and everything falls apart, we are immediately made aware of our faults.

I think most of us have been broken at some point in our lives.  The way I look at it, though, in some ways being broken is a good thing.  It means that the rebuilding process can begin.  It means that we can start to put ourselves back together, piece by piece.  It allows us to view our lives in a different perspective and rearrange ourselves accordingly.  We can face doubts and fears that once presented formidable obstacles and find ways to make them vanish.

The beauty of life is that you can start over at any time regardless of your age.  You can choose to be a runner, when you always just considered yourself a walker.  You can go back to school and get that degree that eluded you.  You can travel the world, instead of looking at it through pictures.  You can do anything you want, but you have to be the one to begin the rebuilding process.

Never let yourself fall too deep.  Never let the pieces of you crumble into nothingness.  You just have to be patient.  You just have to have hope.  You just have to have faith.  Most of all, you just have to believe.  Sometimes we all need to break to realize that.

By Raul Alanis

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