Working Out Is A Privilege

In the months following my initial back injury I have encountered a series of setbacks.  I have taken one step forward (more than once) only to take two giant leaps back.  I have seen my progress crumble and my patience tested, yet I continue to remain committed to getting healthy again.  There are times whenContinue reading “Working Out Is A Privilege”

“Back” to Square One

Sitting here and staring at the computer reflecting on the stupidity of my actions in the days prior has left me disappointed.  Perhaps disappointed is not even strong enough of a word, but at the moment it most adequately explains my current state.  Sitting here isn’t even an accurate enough description seeing as I amContinue reading ““Back” to Square One”

We’re All Breakable

Have you, at some point in your life, felt as though things were not going exactly as planned?  Have you ever experienced a time when your world was shattered into a million unidentifiable pieces?  Have you ever dropped to your knees in prayer and begged for direction, strength and motivation, but felt as though yourContinue reading “We’re All Breakable”

A Long Way To Go

Training for a full marathon has been much tougher than we ever imagined.  After suffering an injury early on in training, which subsequently led to a three week layoff, it has been difficult to work our way back up in mileage.  After our 10 mile run last Sunday it was very apparent that we stillContinue reading “A Long Way To Go”

Start to Finish

Getting back to the marathon training schedule has been a difficult process.  After recovering from my Achilles injury I have had to work my way up in mileage.  Making up for the lost time has proven to be the hardest part.  Unfortunately, time does not stop when you’re healing. At this point in my trainingContinue reading “Start to Finish”

Running With The Injury Bug

When I began training for my first half marathon I never really worried about succumbing to injury.  I thought that if I just gradually increased my mileage and stuck to my training schedule I would go injury-free throughout the training process.  Unfortunately, about a month away from my half marathon I began to suffer fromContinue reading “Running With The Injury Bug”

We Signed Up For A Full Marathon?

I don’ think it’s really hit me that Rachel and I have signed up for our first full marathon.  After running three half marathons we should definitely feel ready, but then I wonder if you ever actually feel “ready.”  I don’t think you ever really know how prepared you are until you cross the finishContinue reading “We Signed Up For A Full Marathon?”

The Road to Recovery: A Battle Against Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee sucks.  There, I said it.  Frankly, there is really no way to say it better unless I throw in a few curse words to spice it up.  But, I’d rather refrain from adding superfluous words that will only fuel negativity.  Well, maybe I will say just one curse word, “Fudge!” (On my ice cream? Continue reading “The Road to Recovery: A Battle Against Runner’s Knee”