Marathon Training: Have Fun With It!

We are officially in the tapering phase of our training for the full marathon.  Looking back, our long runs have definitely been interesting and full of both humor and adventure.  I always say that you have to do your best to make every run interesting and find a way to have fun with it.  Thus,Continue reading “Marathon Training: Have Fun With It!”

A Long Training Run

Planning a wedding and training for a full marathon has proven to be an adventure.  Last Sunday, between picking out tuxes and mailing out invitations, we found a way to throw in a 21 mile run.  Throw in is putting it very lightly.  We had to find a way to devote 3 hours and 15Continue reading “A Long Training Run”

Top 10 Excuses Not To Run (And ways to avoid them)

1    10. All my running socks are dirty:  Easy solution to this problem, buy more socks!  I will admit I have run into this problem more than once, but sometimes you have to suck it up and wear a pair of socks twice.  Don’t judge me.  At least I am running!  Seriously though, I run inContinue reading “Top 10 Excuses Not To Run (And ways to avoid them)”

Cold Rain, NHL Hockey and a Treadmill Run

We were determined to run outside this past weekend and avoid using the treadmill for our 7-mile run.  The weather forecast had showed possible rain showers on Saturday and Sunday, but we figured we would be able to sneak in our run and brave the cold temperatures.  Unfortunately, we awoke to a foggy mist onContinue reading “Cold Rain, NHL Hockey and a Treadmill Run”

A Difficult Run: An Inspirational Moment

I ran for the first time in over a week yesterday.  With less than two months to go before the next ½ marathon I was worried to find that the 3 mile run was much harder than I expected.  Just like with any workout, if you spend extended time away from running it basically feelsContinue reading “A Difficult Run: An Inspirational Moment”

Run or Get Off The Track: 5 Tips To Getting Healthy

There are a lot of people who have decided that their new year’s resolution is to get healthy in 2011.  Unfortunately, most of them will actively attempt the change for a couple of weeks before succumbing to excuses like, “I just don’t have the time.”  Basically what they are saying is that their health isContinue reading “Run or Get Off The Track: 5 Tips To Getting Healthy”

I Fought The Food and The Food Won

This year the holidays brought temptations galore and I will admit, without any fear of being exulted from the society of healthy life, that I truly did indulge this Christmas.  Why are you looking at me like that?  Did I run?  Of course I did…not!  Look, with the holidays comes food and, well, vacation.  IContinue reading “I Fought The Food and The Food Won”

Cowtown Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!

Rachel and I have officially signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon in Fort Worth, TX!  We are excited to get back into training mode, because we feel much more confident about it this time around.  We have kept up with our running since finishing the San Antonio Rock n Roll ½ Marathon, but weContinue reading “Cowtown Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!”

Running With The Seasons

The journey of a runner often begins with a goal and slowly manifests itself into a lifestyle.  It grabs a hold of you in a way that circumvents explanation and forces you into a partnership with your surroundings.  It allows you take notice of the seasons, but most of all, it allows you to experienceContinue reading “Running With The Seasons”

Running On Empty Documentary Premiere

I finally finished my documentary about running our first 1/2 marathon.  Please sit back and enjoy.  I hope it serves as inspiration to anyone who is thinking about doing something they believe is impossible.