Dealing With Your Running Injury

An injury humbles you to the core.  It renders you powerless and transforms you into a spectator.  It is the water to your fire; the frown to your smile.  It is the antithesis of forward progression; the unexpected halt in training.  It tests your patience and attempts to shake your resolve.  It is a timeContinue reading “Dealing With Your Running Injury”

A New Running Injury: Steps to Recovery

Nursing a running injury is never fun.  Actually, I believe that’s putting it lightly.  It’s a time when all of my goals are put on the shelf and the possibility of attaining them suddenly seems unlikely.  Doubt begins to run rampant and returning to full strength starts to feel impossible.  I know that only restContinue reading “A New Running Injury: Steps to Recovery”

Running Injury Day 5: Bad Weather, Knee Pain, Good Book and A Movie

I awoke to the continuation of pain in my left knee.  This story is getting old and frankly I don’t like it.  The only consolation is the arctic front that refuses to relent here in Dallas, TX.  Basically, it doesn’t allow for much running in the outdoors, nor can you really get to the gym toContinue reading “Running Injury Day 5: Bad Weather, Knee Pain, Good Book and A Movie”

Knowing When To Say Stop: A Runner’s Misfortune

I hate being injured.  I despise it with every fiber of my being.  After running 10 miles on Sunday I was excited to find that there was minimal soreness and no apparent sign of pain.  I went on about my day proud of my run and looking forward to our upcoming Cowtown Half Marathon.  However,Continue reading “Knowing When To Say Stop: A Runner’s Misfortune”