Experience Life

Oftentimes we get caught up in what we believe is truth, without ever fully comprehending it.  We prevent ourselves from experiencing exciting new things out of fear.  We do this because of perception.  We forget that it’s all conjecture and sometimes, unfortunately, we avoid the experience altogether.  I did that with running, until I ranContinue reading “Experience Life”

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

In Memory of Brenda Ramsey (A wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, and friend) It was almost two weeks ago that Rachel’s mom (Brenda), my mother-in-law, passed away after battling ALS (Lou Gehrig ’s disease) for just over two and a half years.  When Brenda was first diagnosed with this horrible disease she was informed that aContinue reading “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye”

The Unforgiving Ground

We did it!  We ran 10 miles on Saturday!  The weather, although ominous, never discouraged us from running.  We were determined to get our training back on track and test the limits of the tendonitis in my ankle.  The plan was to run slower than before and stop at 8 miles, especially if the painContinue reading “The Unforgiving Ground”

How To Be A Real Runner

At what point can you consider yourself a real runner?  That is a question I have been pondering as of late.   Is it the moment they drape the medal around your neck after you have finished your first long distance run?  Is it the moment you run your first mile?  Is it the moment youContinue reading “How To Be A Real Runner”

This Ice Is Not So Nice

I have succumbed to the pain.  As hard as it is, and it’s hard, I have enjoyed the rest from running.  Unfortunately, it has not led to a rapid change in the pain or even a slight move in the pain-free direction.  The reality, it seems, is that I likely ran on concrete way tooContinue reading “This Ice Is Not So Nice”