Running in the Rain: “Make it work.”

Yesterday we had to run 15.5 miles in the rain.  In the rain!  I am not talking about a soft sprinkle (mmm, on ice cream).  I am talking about a downpour, like chocolate syrup dumped on a sundae (Ok, why am I always thinking about dessert or food?).  It was the mother of all rainsContinue reading “Running in the Rain: “Make it work.””

Come Rain or Shine…We’re Working Out

The weather has changed in the last few days.  Rain is falling across the area and temperatures have dropped drastically.  These are the days that curling up on a couch and reading a book sound most enticing.  It is when working out can easily become an afterthought and playing your “get out of workout free”Continue reading “Come Rain or Shine…We’re Working Out”