Beginning Runner: Run to Live

If you were to ask me if I enjoyed running every day, I would say no.  I would want to say yes.  I would even feel the need to say yes.  But, I would be lying.  Running isn’t always enjoyable, but, then again, neither is life.  There are good days and there bad days, butContinue reading “Beginning Runner: Run to Live”

Our First Full Marathon: A Cautionary Tale

I would love to tell you that running our first full marathon was easy.  I would love to say that when we reached mile 25 we knew we were going to finish.  I would even love to say the weather was perfect.  But, I can’t say any of that.  What I can say is thatContinue reading “Our First Full Marathon: A Cautionary Tale”

Fearing Our First Full Marathon

We finished our last long run on Sunday and I can’t say that we feel any more confident about running our first full marathon than the day we signed up.  I know that we will never really feel ready, but we at least want to feel some sense of confidence, even if it’s miniscule.  There’sContinue reading “Fearing Our First Full Marathon”

Marathon Training: Have Fun With It!

We are officially in the tapering phase of our training for the full marathon.  Looking back, our long runs have definitely been interesting and full of both humor and adventure.  I always say that you have to do your best to make every run interesting and find a way to have fun with it.  Thus,Continue reading “Marathon Training: Have Fun With It!”

A Long Training Run

Planning a wedding and training for a full marathon has proven to be an adventure.  Last Sunday, between picking out tuxes and mailing out invitations, we found a way to throw in a 21 mile run.  Throw in is putting it very lightly.  We had to find a way to devote 3 hours and 15Continue reading “A Long Training Run”

Marathon Training: Hard As Diamond

Training for a marathon is hard!  I mean like really hard!  It sounds great to talk about doing it and you get all pumped up and you’re suddenly ready to conquer the world.  But, then you actually start doing it and suddenly you’re questioning what the hell you were thinking.  Let’s just say, training forContinue reading “Marathon Training: Hard As Diamond”

When I Don’t Know…I Run

Life can be confusing.  At times it seems like we’re always searching for answers or that things aren’t always working out as we planned.  It’s in these times that I often feel like I really just don’t know, so I run.  Running has become my release; an answer to a question – an idea sprungContinue reading “When I Don’t Know…I Run”

Running For Life

If people are wondering why Rachel and I decided to train for a marathon I have attached a local news story that was done on us by CBS 11 News in Dallas, TX.  It ran last Saturday during the evening news as well as twice during the MDA Telethon last Sunday.  For those of youContinue reading “Running For Life”

We’re All Beginning Runners

I want to start off by saying I do not consider myself an experienced runner by any means.  I guess you can say I am a “runner” by default.  It was never really my intention to become a “runner.”  I didn’t have some extravagant plan to one day run a full marathon.  Sure I hadContinue reading “We’re All Beginning Runners”

Results of Study: Running Is Bad For You

Results of a study comparing the benefits and risks of running were recently released.  In it researchers found that the repeated pressure on the joints, as well as the monotonous nature of the sport can lead to lifelong pain and an overall decrease in life expectancy.  By studying runners and non-runners over a 20 yearContinue reading “Results of Study: Running Is Bad For You”