Fearing Our First Full Marathon

We finished our last long run on Sunday and I can’t say that we feel any more confident about running our first full marathon than the day we signed up.  I know that we will never really feel ready, but we at least want to feel some sense of confidence, even if it’s miniscule.  There’sContinue reading “Fearing Our First Full Marathon”

Fear: Friend or Foe?

Fear can strangle you:  It inhibits progression and leaves you in a stagnant state of disillusion.  It is an enemy that continuously seeks to destroy you.  It converses with you through inner dialogues with a primary focus on convincing you of your weaknesses.  It hinders your ability to take action.  It revels in the unknown. Continue reading “Fear: Friend or Foe?”

I’m Scared To Run

You would think after running a few 5K’s and three half marathons that running a race would no longer make me nervous.  However, every race I have ever run has always and will always be preceded by nerves.  It is not something I am embarrassed about, nor does it speak of my abilities to runContinue reading “I’m Scared To Run”