Our Half Marathon in Pictures

I have added a video of our pictures from The Cowtown Half Marathon.  I thought it would be more exciting to watch a video of the pictures rather than scrolling through all of them.  My favorite part is the video of us crossing the finish line.  Right after we cross it (if you look closely) youContinue reading “Our Half Marathon in Pictures”

Medals and Memories: Running The Cowtown Half Marathon

What:  The Cowtown Half Marathon Where:  Fort Worth, TX When:  2/27/2011 Why:  Why Not? Course:  Through downtown Fort Worth and the Stockyards.  New course this year…One Crazy Hill!!!   How Many:  5,280 Half Marathon Finishers Expo:  The expo was everything we expected, but just a little more low-key than the Rock ‘n’ Roll San AntonioContinue reading “Medals and Memories: Running The Cowtown Half Marathon”

Cowtown Half Marathon…Check

Rachel and I finished the Cowtown 1/2 Marathon!!  It was a great experience and a very hard course!!  Anyone who ran the race will know exactly what I mean when I say, “Remember mile 9?”  It had to be one of the cruelest hills known to man.  I will give you a full recap ofContinue reading “Cowtown Half Marathon…Check”

The Road to Recovery: A Battle Against Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee sucks.  There, I said it.  Frankly, there is really no way to say it better unless I throw in a few curse words to spice it up.  But, I’d rather refrain from adding superfluous words that will only fuel negativity.  Well, maybe I will say just one curse word, “Fudge!” (On my ice cream? Continue reading “The Road to Recovery: A Battle Against Runner’s Knee”

Top 10 Things You Should Never Tell A Runner

1.  “You’re almost done!”  Never, and I mean never say this if there is still more than a mile left.  If I run 100 yards after hearing this I expect to be done! 2.  “Oh my God…wait till you see that hill!”  Do I really need to know there is a big hill approaching? It’sContinue reading “Top 10 Things You Should Never Tell A Runner”

Cold Rain, NHL Hockey and a Treadmill Run

We were determined to run outside this past weekend and avoid using the treadmill for our 7-mile run.  The weather forecast had showed possible rain showers on Saturday and Sunday, but we figured we would be able to sneak in our run and brave the cold temperatures.  Unfortunately, we awoke to a foggy mist onContinue reading “Cold Rain, NHL Hockey and a Treadmill Run”

How To Run In Snow

Rachel and I awoke to find snow in Dallas, TX on Sunday.  Besides jumping up and down like children when we first saw it, we realized quickly that it meant our running plans for the day were likely going to come to a screeching halt.  The first thing we usually do on a day likeContinue reading “How To Run In Snow”

Cowtown Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!

Rachel and I have officially signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon in Fort Worth, TX!  We are excited to get back into training mode, because we feel much more confident about it this time around.  We have kept up with our running since finishing the San Antonio Rock n Roll ½ Marathon, but weContinue reading “Cowtown Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!”