Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon: New PR’s and A Perfect Course

What:  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon Where:  Dallas, TX When:  3/27/2011 Why:  Raises money for Susan G. Komen Marathon for the cure. Course:  Through downtown Dallas, Highland Park and ending in Fair Park (site of Texas State Fair).  One of the best courses we have ever run.  Weather:  48 Degrees (perfect day forContinue reading “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon: New PR’s and A Perfect Course”

Get Up and Run!

Close your eyes just for a second and dream.  Picture yourself in motion, floating well above time and everything that confines you.  Feel the cool breezes of spring lift you higher as the smell of flowers permeates the air.  Take in what the world offers and move to the rhythm of the beat inside yourContinue reading “Get Up and Run!”

What kind of running shoes should I buy?

Here lies a piece of running history…It is where running all began for me. They were my first pair of real running shoes (the label said so). You know what made them even more special? They were only a $40 pair of Saucony running shoes from Academy. Do you know why I bought them besidesContinue reading “What kind of running shoes should I buy?”

Our Half Marathon in Pictures

I have added a video of our pictures from The Cowtown Half Marathon.  I thought it would be more exciting to watch a video of the pictures rather than scrolling through all of them.  My favorite part is the video of us crossing the finish line.  Right after we cross it (if you look closely) youContinue reading “Our Half Marathon in Pictures”

Cowtown Half Marathon…Check

Rachel and I finished the Cowtown 1/2 Marathon!!  It was a great experience and a very hard course!!  Anyone who ran the race will know exactly what I mean when I say, “Remember mile 9?”  It had to be one of the cruelest hills known to man.  I will give you a full recap ofContinue reading “Cowtown Half Marathon…Check”

5 Ways Running Can Strengthen Your Relationship

  In order for any relationship to be successful it must be built upon a strong foundation.  It should also be built on trust and communication.  It must be able to overcome any obstacle, weather any storm, and always come out stronger in the end.  The strength of each person relies heavily on the otherContinue reading “5 Ways Running Can Strengthen Your Relationship”

Run or Get Off The Track: 5 Tips To Getting Healthy

There are a lot of people who have decided that their new year’s resolution is to get healthy in 2011.  Unfortunately, most of them will actively attempt the change for a couple of weeks before succumbing to excuses like, “I just don’t have the time.”  Basically what they are saying is that their health isContinue reading “Run or Get Off The Track: 5 Tips To Getting Healthy”

Holiday Dessert and A Naked Cook

I always prefer to cook in the nude. Ha…I am so kidding…or am I? LOL…I bet it got you to read this though! And yes…I have shorts on 🙂 I think…No really…I do!! I love bad food like a guy that loves bad food.  It’s that simple.  There are no smoke and mirrors when itContinue reading “Holiday Dessert and A Naked Cook”

Too Soon To Say Stop

Facing the prospect of halting my training is extremely discouraging.  I am almost 100% positive I have tendonitis in my ankle.  I’m angry, upset and a wide array of curse words that are too many to mention.  I have, for the most part, been positive.  But my outlook suddenly looks grim.  I have followed theContinue reading “Too Soon To Say Stop”

Beginning Half Marathon Training

I never thought I was a long distance runner.  To be honest, I never thought I was much of a runner at all.  Time has a way of skewing perceptions of yourself, especially when once familiar things have become absent.  I was once fast.  My legs were never strong and they were way too shortContinue reading “Beginning Half Marathon Training”