Fearing The Unknown

Today is the moment of truth for me.  It will decide whether I continue on my journey of running my first half marathon or if it will be derailed indefinitely.  The tendonitis in my right ankle has definitely relinquished its stronghold and I actually feel as though I can run, although I have not attemptedContinue reading “Fearing The Unknown”

How To Be A Real Runner

At what point can you consider yourself a real runner?  That is a question I have been pondering as of late.   Is it the moment they drape the medal around your neck after you have finished your first long distance run?  Is it the moment you run your first mile?  Is it the moment youContinue reading “How To Be A Real Runner”

Real Men Don’t Cry…But I Do

It’s funny that when this all begun I was scared I would never be able to finish a half marathon.  Now I am worried I will never be able to start.  I will admit that the pain has subsided slightly when I am not running.  The key words there are ‘not’ and ‘running.’  I wouldContinue reading “Real Men Don’t Cry…But I Do”

Those Look Like Comfortable Shoes

Good shoes, no wait, I mean great shoes are extremely important when it comes to running.  They have the ability to either make or break you, both literally and figuratively.  I once assumed a running shoe was, well, a running shoe.  Simply put, if they got me from the start to the finish and wereContinue reading “Those Look Like Comfortable Shoes”