Dealing With Your Running Injury

An injury humbles you to the core.  It renders you powerless and transforms you into a spectator.  It is the water to your fire; the frown to your smile.  It is the antithesis of forward progression; the unexpected halt in training.  It tests your patience and attempts to shake your resolve.  It is a timeContinue reading “Dealing With Your Running Injury”

Commit Yourself to Greatness

I once thought I would never run a full marathon.  Actually, I once thought I would never even run a 10K.  To be honest, I have never run a 10K to this day, because, well, I committed myself to something more.  I learned after my first couple of 5K’s that I was capable of anythingContinue reading “Commit Yourself to Greatness”

When I Don’t Know…I Run

Life can be confusing.  At times it seems like we’re always searching for answers or that things aren’t always working out as we planned.  It’s in these times that I often feel like I really just don’t know, so I run.  Running has become my release; an answer to a question – an idea sprungContinue reading “When I Don’t Know…I Run”

Running and “Jersey Shore”…A Love/Hate Thing

You never really realize how much you love running until you can longer do it.  You take it for granted that you have the ability to run whenever you want and that it’s a choice that you have every single day.  When you are sidelined by an injury or, in my case, illness (cold) itContinue reading “Running and “Jersey Shore”…A Love/Hate Thing”

Can Running Cure A Cold?

Getting sick is not only an aggravation, but also an unplanned detour while training for anything.  Adhering to a training schedule is already difficult to begin with, but when sickness invades it’s easy to imagine your goal (running a full marathon) slipping away.  When I woke up yesterday with a sore throat I refused toContinue reading “Can Running Cure A Cold?”

Cowtown Half Marathon…Check

Rachel and I finished the Cowtown 1/2 Marathon!!  It was a great experience and a very hard course!!  Anyone who ran the race will know exactly what I mean when I say, “Remember mile 9?”  It had to be one of the cruelest hills known to man.  I will give you a full recap ofContinue reading “Cowtown Half Marathon…Check”

Running Injury Day 5: Bad Weather, Knee Pain, Good Book and A Movie

I awoke to the continuation of pain in my left knee.  This story is getting old and frankly I don’t like it.  The only consolation is the arctic front that refuses to relent here in Dallas, TX.  Basically, it doesn’t allow for much running in the outdoors, nor can you really get to the gym toContinue reading “Running Injury Day 5: Bad Weather, Knee Pain, Good Book and A Movie”