Do What You Can Do


Why do I run?  I ask myself this question all of the time. I wonder how it enriches my life, especially when I don’t feel like running.  I wonder what the point is when my knees hurt or I’m exhausted from pushing myself too hard.  I think about the fatigue.  I think about the mental anguish of not finishing.  Then, I lace up my shoes and I run.  I run because I can.

The answer to why I run doesn’t really matter.  To be honest, it shouldn’t.  Running just has to be something that I do.  It doesn’t always have to be cathartic.  It doesn’t have to relieve my stress or lend itself to some existential existence apart from the reality of my everyday life.  I don’t even have to like it all of the time.

I have never forced myself to run.  I don’t begrudgingly put on my running shoes every time.  I do it because my legs can move faster than just a walk when I want them to.  I run because I have the ability to do so.  As ridiculously simple as that sounds, it’s the truth.  The ability to do something because you can should be the motivation behind anything you do.  There shouldn’t always have to be a payoff.

If you are thinking about becoming a runner then do it.  Don’t go in search of some motivation that may not even exist.  Don’t overanalyze the process or search for some deeper meaning.  Run because you can.

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