Run The World

People often try to separate themselves from the world, but I think it’s imperative that we become an integral part of it.  Let the world happen around you and then find a way to merge yourself into it.  The problem is that the world can exist without us, but we can’t exist without the world.  We are lucky that it allows us to coexist within it, because it could easily decide it would rather be alone.

The way that I like to feel the world, to experience it, is by running.  It allows me to put things in perspective and fully engross myself in life.  It makes me vulnerable enough to reveal my problems and strong enough to overcome them.  Life really does move at a rapid pace and running allows me to keep up with it.  While the world is spinning I like to think I am running in a sort of retrograde motion, yet somehow finding a way to connect to everything and everyone within it.

By Raul Alanis

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