Can Running Cure A Cold?

Getting sick is not only an aggravation, but also an unplanned detour while training for anything.  Adhering to a training schedule is already difficult to begin with, but when sickness invades it’s easy to imagine your goal (running a full marathon) slipping away.  When I woke up yesterday with a sore throat I refused to cancel my planned 5 mile run.  I have a strict schedule to follow and I would not allow the possibility of a measly cold to infiltrate my plans.  Rachel tried to prevent me from running, but I would not allow it, because running is just something I have to do.  Sure I had injuries I was nursing, but I could run through them.  Why could I not run through a cold?  For one, my nose was not running or congested, even though it felt like that would naturally come next.  Two, my energy level was still present and accounted for.  Three, I didn’t want to be sick and would not allow myself to be sick.  I agree that the last reason was out of my control and merely me trying to outwit my body, but I felt like running would somehow cure my ailments.

Today I woke up with a lot more congestion, a slight running nose and my sore throat had gotten much worse.  However, I still advised Rachel that I would be running today as well.  When she refused to let me do so I decided I would do weights instead.  Of course she had the audacity to look out for my best interests and refused to let me workout at all.  I will be the first to admit that working out with tissues stuck up your nose is far from sanitary, so I offered a compromise.  I advised her that I would not go to the gym and infect others, but stay home and do pushups and various other things to ensure I had a workout.  I was, of course, unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, here I am all dressed up to run with no place to go.  Rachel has locked me up and thrown away the key.  I know she wants to nurse be back to health, but I just really want to run.  I worry that my joints will get weaker and that I will be playing catch-up with the training schedule in the next few weeks.  I guess my biggest fear is the feeling that I am giving up.  When I decide I want to do something I put everything into it and never give up until it’s done.  When I am sick I feel like I don’t have a choice but to quit temporality and it’s really hard for me to stomach.

Right now it’s really important that I stick to the training schedule no matter what.  Besides, I think I can run tomorrow because I am already feeling a lot better. Cough Cough – Sniff Sniff – Sneeze Sneeze.  In fact, I am 110% better thank you.  What do you mean I can’t breathe with tissue in my nose?  I’ve got a mouth!

I guess I will be hanging up my running shoes for the next few days.  I still can’t believe I am sick.  I know I have to try and look at the bright side of things.  I do believe my body needs the rest and it may do it some good overall.  But, I don’t know, I swear I can hear the running world calling me.  No, wait, maybe that’s the cold medicine talking.

One thought on “Can Running Cure A Cold?

  1. That’s so funny! I woke up with a sore throat today too!! Boo… But I am still planning on going on my 6 miler this evening. Unfortunately for me, my partner isn’t around to prevent me from my training runs. This could get ugly… haha

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