Marathon Training Is Hard!!

Our training for our first full marathon has not been easy thus far. The heat is beating us down like the marathon running newbies that we are. We ran about 7 miles yesterday and that seems so miniscule compared to the amount of miles we will be running in the next few weeks. It’s like we are standing in front of a mountain and we are still staring at the base knowing that somehow we have to scale it.

I believe that running a full marathon is possible, but I now realize the amount of work and devotion that must be invested in order to accomplish our goal. I guess I feel like I did before we started training for our first half marathon. At the time I questioned my abilities and now, a year later, I have run three half marathons. I just have to remember that it is going to be a journey…a long one. I must keep imagining us crossing the finish line. We can do this…We are capable…We are runners!

6 thoughts on “Marathon Training Is Hard!!

  1. Be careful in the heat. My wife trained for a halfer in the Arkansas summer heat and if she didn’t get out early she’d do short runs on the treadmill. She’d leave so early for her long runs. Good luck. And Congrats on being Freshly Pressed for your earlier post.

  2. I know you can do it! Keep posting your progress. I’m keeping steady on the treadmill for now; injured my knee the last time I ran outside. But I can go a whole ten minutes without thinking I’m gonna die now 🙂 Congrats on the FP, too!

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