Fear: Friend or Foe?

Posted on June 23, 2011


Fear can strangle you:  It inhibits progression and leaves you in a stagnant state of disillusion.  It is an enemy that continuously seeks to destroy you.  It converses with you through inner dialogues with a primary focus on convincing you of your weaknesses.  It hinders your ability to take action.  It revels in the unknown.  It triumphs in your defeat.

Fear can make you stronger:  It enables you to keep moving forward and to never look back.  It is a friend that seeks to guide you.  It communicates through implications of failure, but in reality has the distinct objective of using your strengths in order to promote your ultimate success.  It propels you into action.  It relishes in your triumphs.

In life you must choose whether you will perceive fear as a friend or a foe.  Will you allow it to prevent you from taking on new challenges or will you use it as motivation to accept them?  Fortunately, fear is meant to be conquered.  We are all built with the ability to accomplish anything.  Therefore, you must use fear as a guide to things in your life that must be overcome.  In the end, it will be because of fear that you have prevailed.

By Raul Alanis