Preparing To Train For Our First Full Marathon

Posted on June 10, 2011


A while back Rachel and I came to the realization that life is short and it’s important to make the most of what it has to offer.  We stopped thinking in terms of limits and broadened our expectations on what exactly we wanted out of life.  We then, slowly, but surely, began the process of breaking out of our shells.  It all started with small things, little goals that fed into larger goals and culminated with even wilder expectations.  During it all we found that our love, not only for life, but also each other, grew immensely.

Running has been the catalyst in propelling our sense of adventure into new realms.  It has awakened every sense imaginable and made us more confident and happy individuals.  For us it is a part of our lives that simply can’t be compromised.  Looking ahead we know we have our work cut out for us in training for our first full marathon.  Perhaps that is why we have avoided the inevitable – the beginning of training.  It’s not that we’re scared.  In fact, I would say we’re kind of excited.  I guess we’re both a bit hesitant because of the near 100 degree weather that has so nicely invaded Texas.  Running in the heat is exhausting and I know we’re not ready to pour out gallons of sweat from our bodies.  Plus, training takes time and immense amounts of devotion.  But, I think we’re both getting tired of standing on the sidelines and we’re ready to get back in the game.  After all, running is another one of our adventures and a step closer to a fulfilling life.