Get Up and Run!

Posted on March 22, 2011


Close your eyes just for a second and dream.  Picture yourself in motion, floating well above time and everything that confines you.  Feel the cool breezes of spring lift you higher as the smell of flowers permeates the air.  Take in what the world offers and move to the rhythm of the beat inside your head.

Now imagine that you are running.  You are running further than your mind can comprehend.  Try to visualize a starting line as you look back to see where you began.  It should be too far back to see, but you know you have come from somewhere.  At the moment, however, your past does not matter.  It is the present that is most important. 

The finish is not in sight, nor will it ever be, because for now you are simply running.  Your breaths are steady and your mind is slowly freeing itself from all worry.  The sun is setting in the distance as the sky turns into a beautiful shade of blue.  With it all your problems disappear into a void of nothingness.  It is no longer you against the world.  It is you against yourself and you are happy.  You are smiling.

Now open your eyes and remember these feelings, because they are not something you need to imagine.  You can experience them every single day if you choose to run.  The world is waiting for you to put on your running shoes and search for clarity.  It is waiting for you to gain a familiarity with who you are and the goals you want to accomplish.  It is waiting for you to want to run.

If you are looking to become a runner then stop thinking about it and do it.  You cannot finish unless you start.  You cannot start unless you intend to finish.  Simply choose to start. 

Here is a site to help you find races in your area.  I suggest running a 5K for your first race.  Sign up today so that you set a date in order to hold youself accountable.  Start training with the Couch to 5K Program.