Running Can Be Cheap Therapy

Posted on March 15, 2011


Most people believe that long distance running is difficult and they will never attempt it.  But, what people fail to realize is that, although it can be difficult, it’s also great soup for the soul.  It can literally change your life.  The hardest part is actually getting started and building that belief that you can run as far as your mind will let you.  As a beginning runner you cannot think of running in terms of miles or distance, but rather a series of steps with therapeutic intentions.  

Running allows your mind to free itself from the worries that easily infiltrate it on a daily basis.  The further you run the more your mind begins to release the tension provided by stressful thoughts.  As your feet hit against the ground the weight of your problems dissipate into minuscule pebbles swept away with a slight wind.  Soon all of your anger, worry, and fear morph into a state of tranquility.  Your focus is no longer on what isn’t or what could have been, but on what is and will be.

When you are a beginning runner your first instinct is to run as hard and as fast you can.  What you need to realize is that time need not be relevant.  The goal should simply be to finish.  It is necessary to keep your legs moving, but remove any thoughts of how quickly they are moving.  Keep in mind that the finish line does not move.  It does not care how fast you go.  It is simply waiting there for you to cross it. 

As you run you will realize that anything is possible.  You will begin to find an inner peace that is indescribable.  You will look at each step as a pat on the shoulder or a warm embrace.  In the end, you will find yourself. 

Running is indeed difficult at times, but somehow it saves you.  Take your time to enjoy each step, while taking pride in that fact that you are standing upright and breathing in the gift of life.  Forget about time and distance because we often worry too much about where we are going and how soon we will get there.  Just enjoy the journey and finish to start again. 

As I always say…Always start to finish. Never finish with regret.