Top 10 Things You Should Never Tell A Runner

Posted on February 9, 2011


1.  “You’re almost done!”  Never, and I mean never say this if there is still more than a mile left.  If I run 100 yards after hearing this I expect to be done!

2.  “Oh my God…wait till you see that hill!”  Do I really need to know there is a big hill approaching? It’s better if the mind has no idea what to expect.  Just clear your mind and let your legs do the work.

3.  “13.1 miles is just 2 hours of running.”  You’re kidding.  You’re kidding right.  Never associate a distance run with time.  It just sounds more daunting.  Don’t tell me that a marathon is over 4 hours of running.  Just say it’s 26.2 miles…it sounds better.

4.  “There are no bathrooms where we’re running.”  Please refrain from telling a person this.  I am talking instant gurgle of the stomach followed by sweat and an immediate need to go the bathroom.  Just a little word of advice, take toilet paper to a race because they often run out of it in the port-o-potties.  I’m just saying.

5.  “You can run outside in any weather.”  Shut-up!!  No you cannot!!  I would love to see people run in icy conditions.  I picture a lot of broken bones.  Also, do not run in 100 degree weather unless you don’t mind heat-stroke.  Please be smart when you are running outside. 

6.  “It’s okay if you throw up.  It means you’re running fast.”  Feeling like you want to throw up and actually throwing up are two very different things.  Don’t feel like you didn’t run fast enough just because you didn’t blow chunks afterwards.

7.  “You have pain in your ankle, knee, back, thigh…Just run it off.”  Don’t let anybody push your further than your body is willing to go.  You need to listen to your body whenever pain is apparent.  You will know when it’s more than just soreness, so don’t risk further injury.  Sometimes there’s pain you just can’t walk or run off.

8.  “He/she is faster than you.”  Do not concern yourself with other people’s times.  Plus, don’t let anybody else concern you with other people’s times.  Do the best that you can do and that should always be enough.  Everybody has their own goals.  Don’t spend time getting lost in numbers.

9.  “You don’t need to drink that much water.”  Like hell you don’t.  Water is a necessity.  It is of utmost importance to stay hydrated. 

10.  “This run will be hard.”  Do not fill a runner with unnecessary fear.  It’s difficult enough to get up for a long run.  You don’t need people to tell you it’s going to be hard.