Come Rain or Shine…We’re Working Out

Posted on November 3, 2010


The weather has changed in the last few days.  Rain is falling across the area and temperatures have dropped drastically.  These are the days that curling up on a couch and reading a book sound most enticing.  It is when working out can easily become an afterthought and playing your “get out of workout free” card is most logical.  For some reason you start moving in slow motion and your eyes get heavy.  Your body wants to rest, but the runner inside you begs to keep moving.  And, at last, you find yourself in the workout room surrounded by, well, machines and nobody else.

Keeping ourselves motivated in an empty gym is difficult.  We can hear the rain tap tapping on the glass and beckoning us to the sanctuary we call home.  The cold air swirls around like a soporific wind, as we struggle to allow determination to overcome our feelings.  It is a challenge because we do not have to be in that gym; we choose to be.  I think about all the familiar faces that are absent and I wonder what it is they’re doing.  Are they ordering a pizza and sitting back and watching TV?  Are they curled up on the couch with oversized blankets slowly drifting off to sleep?  Nonetheless, there we are, working out like little disciplined children.  I can see Rachel in the mirror as I am raising each dumbbell toward my chest.  She is mimicking the steps of a workout video we memorized as she drops to the floor, does a push-up and immediately jumps up only to repeat the process once again.  It’s moments like this that make me realize how much I truly do love her.  She pushes me and I push her; a genuine team effort.  As our workout ends we are still the only ones in the gym, but, as always, we have each other.  Plus, we can always curl up on the couch later.