Running…We Meet Again

Posted on October 19, 2010


I finally did it…I finally ran again!  To say I was nervous to run for the first time in over a week is an understatement.  I was downright terrified.  It was not the run that scared me, but rather, how my ankle would respond to the run.  I had been told to only run ten minutes, which for me is extremely difficult.  Not only that, I was also told to run slow.  I don’t know the meaning of the word slow.  For me, slow and steady never wins the race.  It’s more like fast and faster in my mind.

My girlfriend and I headed to a track, since I was told to run on a track for my first run.  I am not a big fan of the track.  Running in repetitive motions around a football field is not my idea of fun, nor is the view very interesting.  Luckily, when we arrived at the track a football game was going on…Oh Darn!  The closest place to go was my favorite park.  I was fully aware that the park, with it cement laden trails, was likely the cause of my tendonitis.  However, I love that park with its quacking ducks that block your running path to say hello and the abundance of runners passing you to and fro (I’m a poet and yes I do know it).  It is where I ran 3.1 miles under 21 minutes for the first time in my life!  We are BFF’s…always have been and always will be.  Naturally I wanted nothing more than to continue my training in the very park that it all began.  I strayed from the cement trail and just ran a sort of dirt-like trail that most people refrain from using.  I knew it would be easier on my ankle.

My girlfriend ran by my side to ensure I didn’t try and run too fast (she knows me too well).  There were moments when it felt like the pain was going to creep up again, but it never fully materialized.  I was ecstatic to finish with little to no pain, but angered at only one thing.  I ran my mile in 9:30…which is aggravating.  I know I did it on purpose, but I am used to seeing 6:15, so it was a bit of a shock to my ego.  I know it’s about baby steps, but with less than a month until the San Antonio Half Marathon I am ready to turn myself loose again.  I should be happy that I am sitting here without pain after my first run in over a week.  And, well, I guess I am.  It just makes me realize how much I love running…Man I love running!