This Ice Is Not So Nice

I have succumbed to the pain.  As hard as it is, and it’s hard, I have enjoyed the rest from running.  Unfortunately, it has not led to a rapid change in the pain or even a slight move in the pain-free direction.  The reality, it seems, is that I likely ran on concrete way too much, causing my body to respond in an angry inflammation of my ankle tendon.  I am still determined to run the marathon and I am only allowing myself to rest until Thursday.  I know it’s not enough time, but I am eager to run again.  I have iced a countless number of times in an attempt to expedite my chances of recovery, but ice is not nice.  Sure it numbs the pain, but after my frozen ankle thaws and I take my first steps the realization that my injury is a bit more serious than I anticipated is blatantly apparent.  The part that’s frustrating is that the training was going far better than I had expected.  I had run much faster than I ever thought possible and the wear and tear on my body seemed to lessen over time.  I believed, as a child believes in Santa Claus, that all the pain would subside and I would finish my training and eventually the ½ marathon with utmost ease.  Now I may not even be able to run.  I have considered pushing myself through the pain and finishing the race, followed by a long rest from running and ample time to heal.  I should likely do it in reverse order – heal first and run later.  I refuse to give up.  I don’t want to give up.  I have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow, but the outlook is grim.

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